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Flora and Fauna

//Flora and Fauna
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Flora as a Rwanda Safari Attraction in Volcanoes National Park

Due to the extended altitudinal spread, the Volcanoes National Park features various vegetation zones.  There is lower montane forest which has been majorly lost to agriculture, Neoboutonia forest at the range of 2400 – 2500m, Arundinaria alpina also known as Bamboo forest at the range of 2500 to 3200m covering around 30% of the park area and Hagenia Hypericum forest thriving at more humid slopes ranging from 2600 – 3600m which is actually one of the largest Hagenica abyssinica forests. From the altitudinal range of 3500 to 4200m, the vegetation is marked with Lobelia wollastonii, Senecio erici-rosenii and L. Lanurensis covering approximately 25% of the Volcanoes National Park. Grassland occurs at an altitude range of 4300 – 4500m. The secondary thicket, marshes, meadows, swamps and small lakes also exist but their total area is considerably small.

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