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Gorilla Families

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Mountain Gorilla groups / families in Volcanoes National Park

Some of the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park have been habituated for human visitation and research. Dian Fossey started the Mountain Gorilla habituation initiative and apparently Volcanoes National Park feature two (2) research groups Beetsme and Pablo’s Shida and ten (10) groups for exploration by travellers on Gorilla safaris in Rwanda. These include;

Susa -A Family


The Susa – A family comprises of twenty eight (38) members and is recorded to have been largest group at the time of habituation with a total of 42 members. This size made it Dian Fossey’s centre of interest.

Amahoro Family


Amahoro Gorilla family comprises of nineteen (19) members and is led by Ubumwe Silverback which is one of the five (5) silverbacks on the group. Amahoro Gorilla group also presents a challenging trek in Volcanoes National Park.

Kwitonda Family


Kwitonda gorilla group comprises of eighteen (18) members with the main silverback called Akarevuro and was originally habituated in the adjacent Democratic Republic of Congo.

Karisimbi Family


Susa B gorilla family separated from the main Susa gorilla family and apparently dwells on Mount Karisimbi slopes forming the background for its naming. Karisimbi features 15 members and it presents an active trek

Agashya Family


Initially referred to as Group 13 because of its members count at the time of habituation, the Agashya gorilla family has increased to 22 members and the main Silverback is called Agashya which succeeded Nyakairima.

Bwenge Family


Bwenge gorilla group comprises of eleven (11) members with 1 silverback. The main Silverback is called Bwenge who formed the group in 2007. It experienced a sad past when six (6) infants

Sabyinyo Family


Sabyinyo gorilla family comprises of sixteen (16) members. This group thrives on the slopes of Mount Sabyinyo and is among the easy to trek gorilla groups in Volcanoes National Park. The main silverback is called Guhonda.

Hirwa Family

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Hirwa gorilla group features eighteen (18) members and the main Silverback is called Munyinya. Hirwa gorilla family was formed a result of amalgamation of members from Sabinyo and Agashya families in Volcanoes National Park

Umubano Family


Umubano gorilla group separated from the Amahoro group and comprises of 13 members. The main/head of the group is the silverback Gorilla who is called Charles.

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