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Mountain Gorilla Physical Description

///Mountain Gorilla Physical Description
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Physical Description of Volcanoes Park Rwanda Mountain Gorilla

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The Mountain Gorilla fur is considerably thicker and longer than that of other gorilla sub species which enables it to thrive in colder temperatures.   The nose print of each Gorilla is unique to itself and is used for identification.  The Male Gorillas can stretch to 195kg in weight with a standing height of 150cm. The males can weigh twice the females. Mountain Gorillas are noted to be the second largest primates after the Eastern lowland gorillas.
The mature adult Mountain Gorillas feature bony crests on the top and at the back of their skulls that pose a conical shape on their heads. The crests anchor in strong temporalis muscles which are fixed on the lower jaw.  The mature females also feature such crests though they are less pronounced.
The eyes of Mountain Gorillas are dark brown framed by a black ring around the iris. The mature males are named Silverbacks after the saddle of silver-colored hair on their back that grows with age.

Thick And Long Fur Of Mount Gorillas


Mount Gorilla Conical Shaped head


Dark-Brown Eyes of Mount Gorillas


Mountain Gorillas are terrestrial animals and are quadrupedal. But at times, they climb into fruiting trees where the branches can sustain their weight and can as well run bipedally up to 6m. Just like other Great Apes except the humans, the arms are longer than the legs. The Mountain Gorillas move by knuckle walking just like the Common Chimpanzee sustaining its weight on the backs of the curved fingers other than the palms.
They are notably diurnal and tend to be active between 6am and 6pm where they spend great deal of time eating large quantities of food that is required to support their gigantic bodies. Mountain Gorillas can forage in the morning, take a rest in the mid morning and Midday and then resumes foraging again in the afternoon before retiring for overnight. Every Mountain Gorilla constructs a nest using the available materials to sleep in every night but the infants share with their mothers. It is interesting to note that even though the gorillas are so close to the nests that they slept in the previous night, they still build up new nests.

The Foot Of Mount Gorillas


SilverBack Mount Gorilla Families


Female Mount Gorilla Breasts

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