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Golden Monkey Trekking

//Golden Monkey Trekking
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Golden Monkey Tracking as a Rwanda Safari activity in Volcanoes National Park

Golden Monkey tracking commences at 7am from Kinigi Park headquarters and lasts for approximately 4 hours. Briefing takes place at Kinigi after which you drive to the trail head from where the trek starts. The habituated troops of golden Monkeys are known to thrive in Bamboo zone on the Mount Sabyinyo slopes. The activity exposes you to these magical primate species noted to be endangered world over. They are marked by a golden patch on their backs from where the name is derived. The golden monkey tracking permits is $100 and does not require advance booking.
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Hiking Bisoke Volcano as a Rwanda Safari activity in Volcanoes National Park

Rising to 3,711m above sea level, Mount Bisoke is among the eight volcanic Mountains that form the Virunga massif. The Bisoke hike lasts about 7 hours on a round trip and starts at 7am from Kinigi Park Station. The hike is not so challenging which offers an opportunity to amateur hikers to take up the exciting adventure gaining remarkable views of Lake Ngezi crater. The Bisoke hike costs $75 per person.

Karisoke Mountain Climbing as a Rwanda Safari activity in Volcanoes National Park

Known to be the highest of all the eight Mountains that form the Virunga massif rising to 4,507m above sea level, Mount Karisimbi offers an exciting Mountain climbing adventure that lasts a total of two (2) nights on a round trip. Karisimbi Volcano is the highest in Rwanda and the sixth on the continent of Africa after Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, Kenya’s Kenya, Uganda’s Rwenzori, Tanzania’s Meru, and Ethiopia’s Ras Dashen.
The earliest recorded climbing expedition to Mount Karisimbi was in 1903 by Egon Von Kirscsten. The trek to Karisimbi is not so strenuous on the first day but gets harder on the second day in an attempt to reach the summit. The ideal time for Karisimbi Volcano climbing is June through to August when the weather is very favourable. Temperatures at the summit of Karisimbi are always below the freezing point in the early hours of the day. The Karisimbi Volcano hiking adventure costs $400 per person. The trek passes by the Dian Fossey site at Karisoke and visitors can opt to visit it at an additional cost. The overnight camp is at 3700m with the views of Mount Bisoke.

Musaze Caves walk as a Rwanda Safari activity in Volcanoes National Park

Positioned in Musaze close to the border of Volcanoes National Park, the Musaze Caves are among the Rwanda Safari adventure sites and the caves walk presents a very lasting magical experience. The Musaze Caves are historical features that are known to have been formed about 65 million years ago as a result of the basalt lava flow from the Volcanoes of Bisoke and Sabyinyo which are part of the eight Mountains that form the Virunga massif. The Caves feature a range of 31 entrances stretching up to 2km inside. The inside of the caves is dark and the torch helmets are used to assist with the lighting during the walk.
The Musaze Caves used to serve as hiding grounds in times of war in the ancient Rwanda even during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The great counts of bats hang upside down on the cave walls while water drips through the cave walls as well.

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