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Inema Art Gallery- Kigali’s Primal Artisan Place- Rwanda Safari News

//////Inema Art Gallery- Kigali’s Primal Artisan Place- Rwanda Safari News

Inema Art Gallery- Kigali’s Primal Artisan Place- Rwanda Safari News

What do you know about Rwanda besides it being an Africa gorilla trekking safari destination of choice to so many Africa safari goers? Well if you thought Rwanda is only a destination that you can only think of when it comes to gorilla trekking safaris Africa, well am sorry to disappoint you but Rwanda is still a destination that has so much more to offer to you when it comes to attractions. Today I am solely going to talk about one attraction in Rwanda that you should never miss out on when you visit Rwanda or Kigali in particular and that is none other than the Inema art gallery.

What is Inema?

The name of his Rwandese art gallery stems from the local Kinyarwanda language where the word Inema means language charity. Founded in 2012 by brothers and self-taught painters Emmanuel Nkuranga and Innocent Nkurunziza, Inema Arts Center spurs creativity for personal, social and economic growth. The art gallery foundation was hinged on the following principles;

  • To tap the untapped potential of art in Rwanda.
  • To use creative expression as a way to bring the community and country alive.
  • To provide exposure to creative people and to create opportunities for Rwanda’s most underserved communities while using creativity for a productive livelihood.

Today, Inema Arts Center has become a beacon in Rwanda for cultivating creative expression. Inema Arts Center is a collective of Rwandan creative artists. At its core, Inema Arts Center provides space for 10 artists in residence to explore their creative talent. Specializing in contemporary African Arts, Crafts, Music, and Dance. Inema’s artists produce paintings, sculptures, and mixed media expressions showcased in, the Gallery at Inema Arts Center. The Center is home to programmes, projects, and initiatives that expand creative arts in Rwanda. Through workshops, training, and hands-on classes, the Inema Arts Center provides a space to fuel creative expression.

A preamble about the founders

Innocent Nkurunziza

Innocent is at the forefront of the growing Rwandan fine art movement. The desire to transform lives through art drives his work each day. Innocent co-founded Inema Art Center with his brother and fellow painter, Emmanuel Nkuranga. His work is shown around the world from New York, Wilmington NC, Tucson AR, Portland OR, Boston, Charlottesville, and Washington DC in the U.S, to UK, Scotland, Canada, Germany, Denmark, and Holland.

Emmanuel Nkuranga

Nkuranga is a self‐taught painter and a mixed‐media expressionist. He is co-founder and owner of Inema Arts Center in Kigali, Rwanda. Through Inema, Nkuranga leads the country’s growing creative industry. In 2012, Nkuranga co-founded the Inema Arts Center with his brother and fellow painter, Innocent Nkurunziza. Inema is the largest art centre in the country and provides space for 10 artists-in-residence to explore their creative talent and showcase their work. Inema is also home to programmes, projects, and initiatives to turn creativity into a livelihood. Today, Inema provides livelihoods for nearly 100 people and hosts over 7,000 visitors annually.


Other artists that have art pieces in the studio include Tutu (Semutwa) Emmanuel.

Emmanuel has been a professional painter in Rwanda since 2006, but has been making art much longer. He started drawing at the age of 14, getting inspiration from his friends. He started with an abstract style and eventually began experimenting with semi-realism. Today, he describes his style as a mixture of both. He frequently depicts the daily life of Rwandan women. His signature image is that of a woman carrying a basket. He chooses women because they are the foundation of the family. In his own words, “No women, no life.” The message he sends through his art is to “work hard and never despise any job.”

The art pieces that speak volumes

On arrival to the art centre, you are welcomed by a big portrait of the incumbent Rwandese president Paul Kagame who that has a tagline of his vision for Rwanda “We want to make the kind of progress that will make Rwanda unrecognizable to those that define us by our tragic history. The future we are building is the future that Rwandese deserve.” When you read this quote from the Rwandese president and you have undertaken a 1 day Kigali city tour, it perhaps gets you enlightened about the force and the vision that is pushing Rwanda forward at a meteoric speed that is definitely unrecognizable to many other countries on the African continent.

The robotic gorilla

On entering the art gallery, you are welcomed by giant gorilla statue standing proudly. This art masterpiece gives you an impression of a country that is working had to preserve its natural resources which have made this country an Africa gorilla tour destination to reckon as well as a country that is quickly embracing technology advancements as it has become a country of many firsts in terms of technology advancement. A case in point is, recently, Rwanda became the first country on the continent to produce electronic bikes and also the first country to produce a smartphone with all its components being made in Rwanda.

Other outstanding art pieces on display in this gallery include the abstract art pieces that depict a different lifestyle of the Rwandan people.

When and where to visit Inema art gallery

Located along 563st Kacyiru road Inema art gallery can be visited throughout the week during at different time intervals for example

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 4:30 pm- 6:30 pm there is a cultural show at the gallery as it trains the Rwandese youth their Kinyarwanda cultural dance. For yoga lovers, the art studio offers you a yoga class happening between 7:00-08:30 pm every Wednesday of the week and every Thursday there is a happy hour. The happy hour brings Rwanda’s party-goers together as they groove to the wide range of music ranging from live bands or electric music with the biggest deejays in Rwanda spinning the wheels of steel. There is a party spirit on this day as revellers to treat themselves to a wide range of cocktail drinks. This party gets started by 06:00 pm and closes at around 11:00 pm local time.

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