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Why Mountain Gorillas are so Important – Rwanda Safari News

//////Why Mountain Gorillas are so Important – Rwanda Safari News

Why Mountain Gorillas are so Important – Rwanda Safari News

Why Mountain Gorillas are so Important – Rwanda Safari News

Mountain Gorillas were placed in the critically endangered list because of their increased loss from poachers. Today, Mountain gorillas are the only great apes facing population increase and one could wonder what is being done to save Mountain Gorillas. This is all after serious conservation efforts by different gorilla conservation organizations. If you are wondering how many Mountain Gorillas are remaining in the wild, they are about 1004 increasing from the 840 in 2018. Mountain gorillas only survive in their natural habitat and to see them you must go for gorilla trekking on a Uganda gorilla trekking safari, gorilla safari Rwanda or a Congo gorilla trekking safari. Mountain gorillas are so Important in their habitat and here is why;

Why Mountain Gorillas are so important in their habitat

Why Mountain Gorillas are so Important - Rwanda Safari News

Just like other wild animals, Mountain Gorillas, play an important role in their environment. Without these large-scale shoots and root grazers eating lots of vegetation, the natural balance in the food chain would be disrupted. Lack of the balance in the food chain could negatively affect other wildlife in the area, and ultimately the people who depend on that environment for food, water and other resources.

Within the gorilla habitats are other species that are endangered flora and fauna species and these include chimpanzees, elephants, and leopards, as well as several types of monkeys. And there are many more, all important and all living in gorilla habitat and either endangered or threatened, including two types of pangolins, African golden cats, Grauer’s swamp warblers, hooded vultures, a frog, and even a type of mouse as well as a cherry tree. These beautiful species are part of those endangered creatures that you can sight on a Rwanda gorilla safari, Uganda gorilla trekking safari or gorilla safari Congo.

Conserving gorillas helps them multiply in number and increase the number of Uganda safari, gorilla safari Rwanda and Congo gorilla safari tourists which helps with the development of the specific countries. Many people are involved in the gorilla trekking tourism with thousands employed in the country to help thousands of travelers have a glimpse of these elusive gentle giants.

Where to find Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are found in just two isolated high altitude tropical forests conserved in 4 national parks. The Virunga massif that spans the borders Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has mountain gorillas conserved in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Virunga National Park in Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. The other gorillas are found in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park; therefore, the country has 2 national parks with mountain gorillas (the only country in the world with such).

What threatens Mountain Gorillas

Sadly, Mountain Gorillas are at a high risk and Humans being the biggest threat. Habitat loss by human activity, deforestation and extractions from the gorilla habitats put their existence at risk. The good news is that with the strong conservation efforts, then we can all do something to protect the mountain gorillas.

What is done to save Mountain Gorillas?

For decades, many conservationists have dedicated their lives to conservation of Mountain Gorillas a success story that has seen an increase in Rwanda gorilla safaris, Congo gorilla trekking safaris and gorilla safaris Uganda. Organizations like the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund protect and study endangered gorillas every day, something very critical in preventing Mountain Gorilla extinction rising from habitat loss and other threats they face and may face in the future. Mountain Gorillas tracked during Rwanda safaris, Congo tours and Uganda safaris are not the only species that gain from the conservation but many more millions of species.

Recommendable Rwanda, Uganda and Congo Gorilla Safari Packages

To have a memorable trip, you need to plan right and for this; our popular safaris here are the best options;

A gorilla trekking safari can be tailored to any number of days for popular safaris on any number of days. The trip can be tailored for instance to a wildlife safari in Rwanda any other Congo safari or tour in Uganda to create more everlasting memories.

In East Africa, not only are Mountain Gorillas conserved but then many organizations are doing conservation efforts to see wildlife continue to thrive in the jungle and increase on Rwanda wildlife safari, wildlife safari in Uganda, Kenya safari and Tanzania safari tourists. One of the most conserved Kenya tour destinations is the Maasai Mara Game Reserve that extends to Tanzania wildlife safari destination of Serengeti National Park. This is the best place to sight millions of wildebeest.


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