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100 Days Of Tutsi Massacre

////100 Days Of Tutsi Massacre
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100 Days of Tutsi Massacre!!!

Following the death of the President, the killing started immediately. The Hutu militia started to slain the Tutsis and moderate Hutus in cold blood with Machetes, knives, sharp sticks among others.  People would be required to show their Identity cards at the road blocks and since the citizens had their tribes indicated, the Tutsis would be easily identified and killed.  Hundreds of thousands of Children, Women including pregnant ones and men were slained in cold blood. The streets of Kigali, the schools, hospitals, churches and Rivers including Akagera were filled with dead bodies. Many women would be raped before being killed. The Rwandan genocide eventually came to an end when the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) took over the Government of Rwanda. Years have passed and the destination Rwanda has seen a tremendous transformation from such worst experience to one of the fast growing economies on the continent of Africa.

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