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Butare National Museum

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Ethnographic Museum / Butare National Museum

Ethnographic Museum is positioned in Huye District 132km to the south of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital. It is one of the six (6) Museums of Rwanda which comprise the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda.
The Ethnographic Museum was constructed in the year 1987 and now houses over 100,000 artifacts making it one of the great Museums in East Africa. It features seven (7) galleries displaying historical, artistic, ethnographic and archaeological artifacts.

Imigongo Art Found In Rwanda

The Imigongo Art is a famous art form unique to destination Rwanda where great pieces of art are made using cow dung. Imigongo commonly features geometric and spiral designs in white, black and red colours painted on pottery, walls and canvas. Imigongo originates from Kibungo Rwamagana near the Rwanda wildlife safari destination of Akagera National Park to the east of Kigali during the 18th Century.

Rwanda Visa Information

Rwandan Visa can be obtained at the Rwandan embassies in the respective countries or through an on line application where a Visa acceptance letter is offered and then the Visa obtained upon arrival upon payment of $30.
However, visitors from the following countries do not need advance visa application and thus can get their Visa upon arrival in Rwanda. These countries include; Germany, Australia, Israel, Republic of South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, United States of America and United Kingdom.
Rwanda also has a list of countries that are Visa exempt meaning that their citizens do not require Visa to enter Rwanda for up to 90 days. These countries include; Philippines, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Democratic Republic of Congo and Singapore. The Citizens of the East African community are also Visa exempt and are always issued a visitor pass of six (6) months at a zero cost.
Besides the Single Entry Visa for Rwanda, there is East Africa Tourist Visa which allows for multi country visit covering destinations of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. The East Africa Tourist Visa costs $100 and is also applied in advance in any of the three countries in respect of the first port of entry.

How Rwanda Visa Looks Like

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