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Iby’wochu Cultural Village

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Iby’wachu Cultural Village

The Iby’iwachu cultural village is positioned close to Volcanoes National Park in the village of Nyabigoma, Kinigi, Musaze District. The visit to iby’wachu cultural village presents an opportunity to interact with the local people learning about their heritage and traditions including life style, art and craft, food and drink, entertainment and history.
Iby’wachu Cultural Village offers a range of activities from which the Rwanda safari tour undertakers can choose from.

  • Guided community walk exploring the daily life of the local people
  • Cultural tour to the replica of the King’s house for interpretation and mock coronation headed by a village elder. This takes you back to the traditional monarchical Kingdom of Rwanda.
  • Entertainment by a range of traditional dances such as Intore, gorilla songs sung by Ngayabatema and great traditional musical instrument sounds like the magical drum beating.
  • Listening to stories regarding traditional medicine from the traditional healer and learn about the use of local medicinal trees, grass and shrubs as regards treatment of people.
  • Tour to the local schools to explore the education life in Rwanda
  • Local food preparation and tasting
  • Participating in the local beer brewing process.

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